360° product views made easy

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Photographic Turntable

ProductOrbit is the most innovative automated 360° view capture technology on the market

Forget dealing with external studios

Easily create 360° views of your products in just minutes

Stand out from the crowd with a professional presentation that pops out

Windows Mac OS X


  • Computer controlled turntable for 360-degree product views
  • Easy-to-use software controls turntable and compatible cameras
  • Automatically generate Flash, Javascript+HTML and GIF files
  • Offer the viewer rotational control and annotation options
  • iPhone and iPad support
  • Export images to other applications for processing
  • Real-time preview and camera control options
  • Easily reshoot if necessary
  • Software runs on Windows 7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X

Showcase your products professionally, improve customer satisfaction and increase online sales

Boost your marketing, improve quality control, speed up product R&D and production

Enhance your image — Step up to your competition

How it Works

  1. Attach turntable and a compatible camera to your computer via USB.
  2. Use ProductOrbit software to preview item on the turntable and easily adjust the parameters of the camera.
  3. ProductOrbit software captures a 360° view of the item automatically.
  4. Retake any shots if necessary and crop the item using built-in crop assist function. Easily adjust the histogram to your liking and annotate the images.
  5. Export result as Flash, Javascript+HTML or GIF to be inserted into your webpage or emailed. Images can also be exported to an external editor like Photoshop and then imported back.
ProductOrbit on iPad

Great Export Options

Export to Javascript+HTML with a single click and easily embed result into your website.

  • Cross-browser support without Flash
  • Works on Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Tap the mobile market

You can also easily export to Flash and GIF files.

Easy to use software

Camera Control

Windows and Mac

Crop Assist (Onion skinning)

Our Advantages

Feature ProductOrbit Competing Product *
Price $899$2400
Maximum object weight 44 lb25 lb
Platform diameter 13"11.4" and 15.7"
Exports to HTML5 YesYes
Canon DSLR YesYes
Nikon DSLR YesYes
Image annotation YesYes

* Comparison with Ortery® PhotoCapture 360. Ortery® is a registered trademark of Ortery Technologies, Inc.


PhotoPlus Expo 2010

Here are some shots we have taken at our stand at PhotoPlus Expo 2010 in New York City.